The Mission of the ICSDD- 2017 is mainly to bring together the academics, engineers, scholars and scientists of different disciplines, professions, and backgrounds working in a variety of think tanks to exchange and share their new knowledge and research outcomes, new ideas, concepts, theories, and thoughts about climate changes and sustainable development through digitalization.  In the light of this background, more specific missions are as follows:


  1. To understand climate change and sustainable development through digitalization leading to innovation, creation, entrepreneurship and engineering for creating employment as well as quality lives of people in the context of the global and regional context, in general and in Bangladesh, in particular.


  1. To build linkage among engineers, health professionals and social scientists for building a habitable space for people keeping in mind climate change within the framework of sustainable development.


  1. To foster linkage between biotechnology and genetic engineering, on the one hand, and business and society, on the other, with a view to meeting the challenges of climate change, on the one hand; and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by 2030, on the other.


  1. To foster an enabling environment due to climate change in which people involved in literary creation, art and culture can cooperate with the scientific, business, social scientists and legal community in this era of globalization.


  1. To bring out legal reforms with a view to meeting the challenges of climate change, cyber security, globalizing business and emerging global society in the context of sustainable development.


  1. To conceive innovative social concepts and discourses with a view to meeting the challenges posed by climate change, ICT, global economy, globalized life and rising global society.